Wax Services

Ohanas Beauty waxing services benefit the skin by providing  long lasting results and smoother skin. After waxing hair grows back thinner and finner.

Women's Brazillian 

Includes butt strip.

Women's Bikini Fill 
Women's Full Body 

From head to toe, and every where in between

Chest Strip 

Does not include butt strip

Upper Back 

The back of your neck and shoulders are included.

Women's Full Butt 
Full Stomach 

This service includes from under your chest to the top of your bikini line


This service includes your areolla only.

Full Back 

The back of your neck and your shoulders are included.

Lower Back 

The back of your neck and shoulders are NOT included.

Full Arms 

Your shoulders, hands, and fingers are included.

Half Arms 

Your hands and fingers are ONLY included for lower arm service. Your shoulders are ONLY included if you're doing your upper arm.

Women's Full Face 
Full Legs 

This service includes your upper leg, lower leg and feet.

Half Legs

This service includes feet and toes ONLY for your lower legs.

Under Arms 
Stomach Strip 
Combination Specials
Brazilian & Vajacial 
Brazilian & Underarms 
Brazilian, Vajacial & Vaginal Lightening 
Brazilian, Underarms & Lip 

Posse Wipes

Posse Wipes